Linlithgow garden row won’t stop growing

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A petition has been circulated to stop a historic rose garden in Linlithgow being changed into a new sort of green space.

Friends of the Rose Garden do not want the area transformed into the Memorial Garden proposed by a group of volunteers, who have been influenced by a similar fixture in the Holy Land.

The FRG who have a Facebook group,are not in favour of the tree felling this will entail and have issues over access to the proposal.

And they state too that that the volunteers have failed to consult the public as West Lothian Council has told them to do.

This is before the proposal is considered on Wednesday, October 3, by by the council’s Development Management Committee.

A FRG spokesperson said: “In just two hours, more than 200 signatures had been collected at a street stall in the High Street and many over have been gathered by businesses who support the campaign.

“We were confident that the majority of Linlithgow residents want to see the rose garden remaining in its current form but we were astounded by the level of support our campaign has. Only a handful of people chose not to sign.

“It beggars belief that there has been little or no progress in organising a public consultation by the applicants since the council instructed them to on August 8.

“It’s also disappointing that they have refused to meet with our group.

“However, we will take advantage of this extra time to continue with our campaign, which we are satisfied represents the wishes of the Linlithgow people.”

However, theMemorial Group Steering Committee’s Marilyne MacLaren said that she could not accept this version of events – and hit back in no uncertain terms.

She said: “ We are all sick to death at the constant negative and aggressive attacks whether in print or on Facebook, being made on the Peace Garden Steering Group and the fake news that they promote.

“It is hardly in the spirit of peace and social harmony that we all look for.

“We are a small group of volunteers who have other commitments to other charities and organisations in the town, plus family commitments.

“There’s been illness in the group, plus everybody being on holiday at different times over the summer. We can’t just arrange a public consultation at the drop of a hat. We will have have such meeting, when we are ready.”