Meeting to urge action on traffic fumes

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Linlithgow’s air pollution blight will be in the spotlight at a meeting to be staged in the old cricket pavilion in Springfield on Wednesday.

Guest speaker Emilia Hanna of Friends of the Earth Scotland will be spelling out the dangers said to be caused by traffic fumes.

The focus will be on the town’s vehicle-clogged High Street - recently claimed by the group to be one of the area’s most polluted spaces - but will also cover other perceived local danger zones.

Exhaust fumes have been linked with cancer, allergies, asthma, strokes, heart attacks, restricted foetal development, damaged lung development in children and the onset of dementia in adults.

Emilia Hanna said: “Air pollution from traffic is a public health crisis, claiming thousands of lives each year and particularly harmful for small children, pregnant women and people living in poverty.

“For people living in an official Pollution Zone or near traffic-choked streets, breathing in toxic air is an inescapable fact of life.

“It should not be this way, we have the right to breathe clean air just as we have the right to drink clean water.”

Titled “Why air pollution matters” the meeting, organised by the charity group Transition Linlinthgow, runs from 8pm to 9.45pm.