MSP declares he is opposed to further housing

MSP Colin Keir
MSP Colin Keir

Solving major transport 
issues are key to any plans 
for increased housing in Queensferry.

Edinburgh West MSP 
Colin Keir said he is opposed to any further housing being built in Queensferry and Kirkliston unless the city council gets ‘its act’ together on how to cope with the amount of traffic heading into the city on the A90 and A8 corridors.

As developers put forward their intent to build 900 homes at the town’s Builyeon Road, before a review of housing across the city is taken, the MSP said: “People in Queensferry have been treated shabbily by the council planners and I feel incredibly sorry for those living in the town.

“The infrastructure is not in place to build 900 homes and a school at Builyeon Road.

“You just cannot put 900 homes there and hope it works!”

On the ever-increasing problems of travelling into the city at peak times, Mr Keir said: “City council planners are looking to build up to 2000 homes at Cammo and Maybury.

“So what is the point of building a further 900 in Queensferry where the majority of people will travel into the city for work?

“People will be unable to drive to work due to the total congestion of roads.”