Rubbish idea is working say council

New slim bins will be rolled out in Linlithgow at the end of September
New slim bins will be rolled out in Linlithgow at the end of September

Residents in Linlithgow will receive new slimmer bins later this month – in an effort to encourage recycling.

West Lothian Council has been wheeling out the smaller bins across the district and Monday, September 26 is Linlithgow’s change-over date.

The council hopes the size swap will help the district hit recycling targets.

So far it has been good news as, after the first three phases, the area is on target to be sending 586 more lorries of food waste and 536 more filled with blue bin waste to recycling facilities every year once the service is fully rolled out from December.

Tom Conn, executive councillor for the environment, said: “The policy change was introduced to help improve recycling by encouraging householders to recycle more; and so far the results are very encouraging.”

The change has also enabled fortnightly collections of grey bins to be protected, as well as helping the council save more than £2 million in landfill costs.

Householders do not need to do anything other than present their bins for collection as normal at the end of the month.
Once residents receive their new bin, they should put out both their old and new grey bin to be emptied on your next grey bin collection day. Then they should leave their old grey bin out for collection by the council.

The original grey bin may not be removed on the same day.

Once the new slim bin arrives, householders can request an additional blue and/or brown bin or an additional food waste caddy at no additional charge.

For more information, visit, email or call 01506 280000.