Salmond show could come to Linlithgow

Photo courtesy of Lesley Martin/PA Wire
Photo courtesy of Lesley Martin/PA Wire

Linlithgow’s Alex Salmond wants to return to home turf to present the show that sparked national headlines during the Edinburgh Fringe.

Alex Salmond Unleashed is billed as “a festival of fun friendship and freedom” and sold out every night of its run.

A mini- Scottish tour has recently been underway in locations like Alloa and Galashiels but it has not taken in Linlithgow.

The former First Minister himself has confirmed that that could be about to change as dates for a tour in in the spring are now being looked into - with the Burgh Halls as a potential venue

Mr Salmond who also presents his on chat show on Russia Today said: “I was actually in Linlithgow the day we did the show in Alloa and was in buying muffins in Oliphant’s which are the best muffins in the world.

“A man approached me to see when the show was coming to Linlithgow - and I have to say I have had calls and emails about this.

There are plenty of Black Bitches out there who want me to come back to Linlithgow and I want to do that too.”

“We hope to take the tour to London and over to America- we are looking at New York.”