Westport Vet's Dog Poo campaign to help keep Linlithgow clean

Westport Veterinary Clinic in Linlithgow recently ran a poster competition as part of its ‘Dog Poo is Rubbish’ campaign.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 6:00 am
Juliette Yarwood (11), the winner of the poster competition.

The winning poster was designed by Juliette Yarwood, an 11 year old pupil at Low Port Primary.

Juliette's poster will be displayed around Linlithgow and offered to local businesses with a supply of poo bags for any who would like it, or currently have an issue with mess outside their premises.

A Westport spokesperson said: “The campaign offers education to the public and we hope to encourage owners to do their part to clean up after their pets. We have also created a map of Linlithgow which highlights where waste bins are located for public use in the town. We are extremely fortunate to have so many waste bins available and would like to highlight this to the public to encourage their use.”

Westport Vets will also be running a photo competition for dog owners this weekend, June 5/6.

The campaign will be launched as an event on the Westport Vets Linlithgow Facebook page, where all of the poster competition entries will also be featured, as well as daily posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages.