EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Drummer Frank Benbini turned up unannounced

It’s not every day a real, live rock star walks into a youth club’s music workshop and jams with the kids.

But that was the surreal experience for Kirkliston teenagers on Friday when Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ drummer Frank Benbini turned up unannounced.

Fun Lovin' Criminals drummer, Uncle Frank, was the surprise guest at Kirkliston community centre's music group.

Fun Lovin' Criminals drummer, Uncle Frank, was the surprise guest at Kirkliston community centre's music group.

The visit was arranged by Kirkliston Community Centre boss Calum Gibson who won his very own private gig through the band’s website.

Rather than keep all the fun to himself and a few mates, Calum contacted the band and asked if he could share the prize with the youth club music group. Calum, himself a drummer, said: ‘‘It was a simple to enter competition on the band’s website and I was one of around a dozen lucky winners. The Fun Lovin’ Criminals have been one of my favourite bands for 25 years and they have had a lot more success in Great Britain that they have in the United States where they originally come from.

‘‘I was delighted when Frank and his management agreed to my request they come to Kirkliston.’’

Freelance photographer Alistair Pryde, also a Fun Lovin’ Criminals fan, covered the event for the Journal and Gazette. He said it was very enjoyable and surreal experience.

Frank Benbini said: ‘‘There isn’t much I haven’t done in the music businesss.

‘‘There aren’t any festivals we haven’t played and the tour schedule becomes a monotonous process of hotels, airports, venues and … repeat.

‘‘It’s a rare thing to sit down with true music fans and share a moment.

‘‘This has been a humbling experience and despite the fact it is costing us, not earning us, money it remains the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

‘‘Our record label is MITA, a Scottish label, so it’s nice to be here with their fellow Scots.

‘‘Our aim is build up some local support, a groundswell of contacts and re-connect with old fans and engage with some new fans. We’re fans of melody and good music.’’

‘‘Uncle Frank’’ is also the drummer’s solo project outside the band and he is working on a stage musical to carry his latest songs.

‘‘This new album has tracks on it about falling out with your girl, making up with your girl, there’s something for everyone to understand.

‘‘Just you wait for Uncle Frank - The Musical!” he added.