Falkirk Council schools mark Earth Hour

TWENTY-FIVE schools across the Falkirk Council area took part in the world’s largest environmental event, Earth Hour, last week.

Many of the schools switched off their lights for an hour during class time as well as holding a variety of activities beforehand, including: a bake sale to raise funds for World Wildlife Fund (WWF); the official Earth Hour 2012 video being shown in classes; non uniform days where pupils wore bright clothing to school to make their own natural light.

Brenda Roddy, sustainable development officer, said: “It’s great to see so many schools getting involved and supporting Earth Hour.

“Everyone can make a difference in saving our planet and children have a key role to play as they are the future generation.”

Earth Hour is a simple idea that has grown into a world phenomenon. It began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007 and it’s now a yearly event that has expanded across the globe.

The idea behind it is that everyone switches off their lights at the same time for one hour, saving energy, while raising awareness of climate change.