Fancy a nice tasty Wagyu burger?

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Never mind ostrich, wild boar, springbok and all the rest - the latest novelty “healthy” gourmet gimmick meat is ...Wagyu.

Customers at South Queensferry’s typically very busy Hawes Inn are reportedly snapping up the newly-arrived exotic treat, which has been made a special customer draw at parent company Vintage Inns venues across the country.

Extravagant claims are being made for the lean and healthy attributes of this until now little heard of variety of Japanese-style beef, which has become the latest must-eat delicacy for health-conscious gourmands - and a must-get crowd pleaser for ambitious restaurateurs able to command fabulous sums for a Wagyu dish in trendy London bistros.

Supermarket Aldi have stolen some of their thunder by offering a Wagyu portion for a fiver - whereas in some restaurants it has reportedly been charged at £90 per dish - but part of its appeal seems to be the combination of exotic, “healthy” and still relatively hard to find.

Touted as “the world’s most expensive rump steak” it has won a faithful following in London and the fad has quickly spread across the UK.

But while Wagyu cattle breeds originate from Japan they’re also being bred in countries including Scotland, Australia and the USA.

At the Hawes Inn a Wagyu burger will set you back £12.50.

We asked a very busy restaurant employee whether the dish had been selling well - and, crucially, whether the price included chips.

“Yes - people love it”, he said. “It tastes great ... very nice”.