Faster train times by 2016

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RAIL commuters across Central Scotland will enjoy faster rail travel, latest Network Rail information unveils.

By 2016, the Edinburgh to Glasgow line will be electrified and allow trains to travel at speeds of up to 100mph.

The journey time between the two cities will also reduce to 37 minutes on some services.

Network Rail has recently ran a series of public meetings throughout the Journal and Gazette area to inform members of the public of their proposals to improve the rail network system across Central Scotland.

In conjunction with Transport Scotland and ScotRail, the aim is to create faster journey times and more services between Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Alloa and Dunblane in light of forecasts that rail travel is set to double in years ahead.

Included in the proposal is a £25 million upgrade for Edinburgh’s Haymarket Station and a new hub station at Gogar (Edinburgh Gateway), which will link rail services from Dalmeny and Fife to the Edinburgh/ Glasgow line, the proposed trams and Edinburgh Airport.

To create this new hub, two new rail lines, the Almond Chord, are to be created which will link with the Dalmeny/ Edinburgh line near Edinburgh Airport. The new lines will link up with the trunk rail line which runs between Dalmeny and Winchburgh and will join the Edinburgh/Glasgow route at Winchburgh.

This new link will reduce commuter time between Queensferry and Glasgow to just 45 minutes, without the need to travel to Haymarket.

While still at the consultation stage at this moment, Network Rail plan to listen to feedback from all meetings by the summer and submit plans by the end of this year. Work is scheduled to begin in 2014 with completion by 2016.