Ferry BID deadline nears

THERE is still time for people to vote for Queensferry to become a Business Improvement District (BID).

‘‘All the ballot papers are out with Queensferry businesses and we have had a good response with many businesses having already voted.

‘‘However, for those who are still undecided there is still time to vote - but don’t forget the deadline of Thursday June 21, at 5pm.”

Diane added: “We have been heartened by the positive response from businesses in general. However, we also know that some organisations and businesses have had concerns about the BID and no matter our efforts will probably say no. That is why it is vital that businesses who have yet to vote do so as soon as possible - and obviously vote yes!”

If any business is still undecided on whether to vote, they should contact Diane on 0131 331 3203 or email her at diane.queensferryambition@gmail.com.