Ferry buses cut again

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BUS users in Queensferry and Kirkliston have been hit again this week with changes to the No. 7 service between Queensferry and St John’s Hospital.

Last week, we told readers that First was set to scrap the 43N late night bus from Edinburgh but this week the No. 7 which offered users a direct route between Queensferry, Kirkliston and the hospital has been reduced from 10 daily journeys to just three.

The Horsburgh-run service operated hourly between 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday, but their new autumn timetable launched this week has reduced the service to only three journeys. From Monday, the only direct buses to St John’s are now at 7.13am, 8.13am and 9.25am.

The regular hourly service between Queensferry and Kirkliston has also been cut with no journeys after 9.25am until 6.25pm.

Bus users, however, will still be able to travel between Queensferry and Kirkliston as the No. 63 service, Queensferry to Hermiston Gait, still operates.

One bus user whose travel plans have been disrupted by the changes is Carol Brown of Kirkliston.

She works as a classroom assistant at Echline Primary.

Carol said: “I have to change my working hours every time the companies alter their timetables.

‘‘There are people who use this bus service to get to and from work but the operators do not seem to take this into consideration when they make these changes.”

Almond ward councillor Norman Work said: “I use public transport to travel to my surgeries and while the service has been reduced other bus services will take up the slack. These problems will always occur when bus services duplicate routes.

‘‘The city council’s official response has always been that as long as you can get to St John’s by connections then that is okay.

‘‘There will still be a link but you may have to change somewhere en route to get there.”