Ferry couple’s marriage milestone

FRIENDS and family this week celebrated 70 years of marriage between Queensferry husband and wife John and Catherine Ronxin.

The couple, who reside in Rosebery Avenue, married on March 20, 1943, in Inverness, and on Wednesday they celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary with cards from the Queen and other well-wishers.

John, (89), was born in Queensferry while Catherine (89) grew up in Invergordon.

They met during the Second World War while John was temporarily stationed in Invergordon when he was assigned as a meteorologist to the RAF.

After they married, Catherine continued to live with her family in Invergordon and their eldest two children during the war years.

But, as soon as the war ended, they settled in Queensferry where John was based at Turnhouse Airport as a meteorologist with the Met Office. The couple still live in the same house to this day.

John continued as a meteorologist up until his retirement at 60.

But a life of leisure was not for John as he continued to work in a solicitor’s office in Edinburgh and enjoyed it so much he worked until the ripe old age of 78.

Catherine, meanwhile, devoted her life to her six children - David, Ruth, John, Christopher, Susan and Claire - and only returned to work part-time when they grew older.

But longevity seems to run in both their families as John has a sister Alice while Catherine, has a brother and sister John and Amy, who are both in their nineties.

There are not too many people who manage to celebrate 70 years of marriage and when we asked the loving couple what was their recipe for romance, they simply said “everlasting love!”

They added: “We also shared the same devotion for our six children and still do to this day, so I think having children together made our relationship stronger.”

To celebrate the special event, the couple’s extended family, which includes 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, will travel the length and breadth of the UK and from Italy, too, to join them on this momentous occasion with an event at The Boathouse Restaurant in Queensferry.