‘Ferry faces the future online

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SOCIAL networking is proving a success for Queensferry and District Community Council.

The town’s community council was the first in Edinburgh to embrace social networking and the pages now have a combined following of over 500 people. And this week they celebrated their first anniversary.

The social networking feeds on www.facebook.com/queensferry and @qdcc on Twitter feature regular updates posted by QDCC members on issues of importance to the local community, such as bus service changes, roadworks, planning applications, the Forth Road Bridge and Forth Replacement Crossing, as well as news of local events.

The pages also provide a forum for residents to provide and exchange information, something which proved invaluable during the severe weather at the end of last year which saw widespread disruption to services and transportation.

Martin Gallagher, vice-chairman of QDCC, said: “Our consultations on the Forth Replacement Crossing in 2009 brought home the realisation that we needed to branch out beyond the traditional methods of engagement to ensure we could reach as much of the community as possible. With today’s busy lifestyles, attending meetings or open evenings isn’t always a viable option, especially for those who work and have young families. Online social networking is quick, convenient and available 24/7, without the need to attend a meeting at a fixed place and time”.

“The uptake of the Facebook and Twitter sites has been very encouraging.’’

Global followers are from as far afield as New York, California, Florida, Ohio, India, Australia and Puerto Rico.