Festival of Gymnastics in Linlithgow

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GYMNASTS from across the Journal and Gazette area showed off their floor skills at a recent school festival.

Pupils at Winchburgh, Low Port, Springfield, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow and St Joseph’s have been in training in after-school clubs run by PE specialists since January, and before the Easter holidays over 80 excited girls and boys put on a breathtaking performance to compete against each other in a Floor Sequence at Linlithgow Primary School.

220313 Gymnastics festival at linlithgow ps.

220313 Gymnastics festival at linlithgow ps.

Lesley Malone, primary PE specialist, said: “The children showed off their skills in a six element sequence and the level ranged from beginners to experienced club members. The festival was a great opportunity for parents and relatives to watch their children perform in a safe, friendly competitive environment.”

She also congratulated all the competitors who after performing twice in the competition, received gold, silver and bronze medals from the judges.

Thanks also went to PE specialists Jill McMaster from St Joseph’s Primary and Jill Ferguson of Winchburgh Primary, Susan Reid who worked with Springfield Primary and Linlithgow Bridge Primary, and Lesley Malone who trained children from Low Port Primary and Linlithgow Primary.

Support on the day was also gratefully received from Active Schools Kevin Ferguson, PE teacher Andrew Stevenson and senior pupils Rebecca Ferguson and Laura Barber, both club gymnasts.