Fight back against night-time noise


NIGHT time noise could be a thing of the past if residents call the Noise Nuisance busters.

Over the past year West Lothian Council’s Noise Nuisance Service has dealt with 2362 calls, issued 234 warning notices, and seized equipment from households.

The team tackles complaints from residents who are experiencing excessive noise in their local area including loud music and noise from parties, entertainment noise from licensed premises, car alarms and intruder alarms from domestic and business premises. The team can use a variety of measures to put an end to anti-social behaviour and noise complaints, and provide a witnessing service.

George Paul, executive councillor for services for the community, said: “West Lothian Council is focused on reducing the volume of night noise problems in West Lothian which can cause a tremendous amount of worry and disruption for residents.

‘‘A recent survey highlighted the majority of customers were satisfied with the service they received and believe the Noise Nuisance Service improved their situation.

‘‘Residents don’t have to put up with excessive noise from their neighbours and I’d encourage anyone 
affected by excessive noise to contact the team.”

The Noise Nuisance Service works seven nights a week, 7pm to 4am, and is part of the Community Safety Unit, based at the Civic Centre in 

To contact them, call via 
Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311