Filling in the gaps in their family tree

Queensferry History Group World War 1 project
Queensferry History Group World War 1 project

Members of Queensferry History Group have been in talks with local residents over the impact World War One had on the area and on those who lost their lives in the Great War.

The group got the opportunity to meet the descendants of James Sandercombe, who was killed in 1918 and is buried in Belgium.

Another family member, Charles Sandercombe, died at the battle of the Somme in 1916.

Pictured are Clifford Sandercombe, Iain Macdonald, Jeanne Mason, Roy McIvor and Christine Vincenti, who all live in the Edinburgh and Queensferry area.

Their researches enabled them to fill in some gaps in their family history but specifically in respect of both Charles and James.

Queensferry History Group is planning further displays about the impact of the Great War on the town and its community.