Fire crew to the rescue in North Street

Flood in Boness on Tues 23rd July 2013
Flood in Boness on Tues 23rd July 2013
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Tuesday evening’s flooding saw a Scottish Fire and Rescue Service team deployed in Bo’ness town centre .

The squad from Bo’ness fire station was turned out when water rushed through the roof of tenement building in North Street causing extensive water damage to the ground floor commercial premises of the property, but it was business as usual on Wednesday after an all-night clean -up operation.

The proprietors declined to comment.

Falkirk Council said staff were called out to six locations across Bo’ness.

Flooding signs were deployed at Stewart Avenue, Dean Road and Corbiehall with minor problems requiring attention at Stewart Avenue, Dean Road and Blackness. Flooding at Deanfield was also investigated.

Last week we reported on damage to Bo’ness library’s roof where lead had been stripped away. A temporary repair was effected and, although there was some water penetration, normal service prevailed on Wednesday. However, theft victims can be left counting the cost after poor weather, and police made an appeal for help.

Inspector Billy Drummond of Police Scotland said: ‘‘If you see anyone suspicious on a roof or with ladders at strange times of the day or night, feel free to phone it in.

‘‘You might see an unmarked works van too. Let us know and we can check it out.

‘‘Do not approach them but note the registration number and take a description.’’

Picture by Charlie Simpson shows flooding on Bridgeness Road on the sme evening.