Firefighters in the thick of it in Eastern Europe

Scottish firefighters bound for Moldova
Scottish firefighters bound for Moldova

Firefighter Paul Watson was among a group of Scottish firefighters who took part in a charity mission to Moldova.

The Queensferry station manager – along with other firefighters and members of Ambulance Aid – helped deliver four appliances, two ambulances and support and training to fire crews in the town of Nisporeni.

The emergency services aid has been ongoing for a number of years.

Decommissioned fire engines and ambulances are transported to the country, where there is a severe shortage of emergency vehicles.

The group travelled from Queensferry via Newcastle to Amsterdam by ferry, before travelling down through Europe to Moldova.

And it wasn’t long before they had to put their skills to the test. Soon after arrival, Paul and his colleagues, who were teaching breathing apparatus to local firefighters, had to spring into action when an emergency call came in.

Paul said: “This is a real life illustration of why our charity work supporting local fire fighters here in Nisporeni is so vital.

“Within 30 minutes of arriving to begin training with local fire crews, the equipment and the training we were providing was put into action to save lives and property.

“The life saving equipment and vehicles we donate and the training we provide to fire crews makes a massive difference.”