Floody hell in Queensferry!

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CALLS for action were made this week by residents in Queensferry after floodwater threatened their homes.

Homeowners on Builyeon Road and Springfield Road needed sandbags to ensure their properties did not become victims of the torrent that flowed along the A904 and Bo’ness Road from neighbouring fields.

Major flooding also occured at the town’s Society Road with floodwater streaming off fields close to Inchgarvie Lodge.

Local residents Doug Tait and Les Chapman, who live at Echline Corner, claim the severity of the flooding last Wednesday and Saturday was down to work being carried out for the new Forth Crossing project.

They say a ditch was dug in a field opposite Echline Corner last week which ended up overflowing and which channelled water that flowed from the field onto the A904 causing major traffic problems. The ditch has since been filled in.

Both men claim large areas of surface water have gathered in the Echline fields, close to properties at Springfield, in recent weeks as a result of unfinished drainage work.

In both cases due to the excessive rainfall, this surface water, which includes silt from the fields, runs down onto roads and blocks drains causing the floods.

Mr Tait and Mr Chapman say that, despite bringing the matter to the attention of Transport Scotland and the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors, they have failed to respond effectively.

While the whole country has suffered from flash floods recently, the problems faced in this area are not a one-off as flooding on the Builyeon Road has happened on several occasions since ground works started in 2009. Mr Tait said the flood risk had been raised many times with Transport Scotland and the bridge contractors.

Mr Tait continued: “This matter needs to be addressed swiftly before it worsens, as is likely to happen when the construction work on the bridge gets into full swing in the Echline corner and Springfield areas.”

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “We are aware of incidents of flooding around the Echline area following the recent heavy rain, which resulted in significant disruption across many parts of Scotland. We are actively working with the Forth Replacement Crossing principal contractor, FCBC, and City of Edinburgh Council in an effort to minimise the impact of any further heavy rainfalls.”

Almond councillor Norman Work said he was aware of the problem and will meet with residents, saying: “I have seen photographs of the flooding in these areas and it is exceptional. I will listen to their comments and pass them onto the city council to take forward to the contractors.”

*As the Queensferry Gazette went to press on Thursday, emergency repairs to the drainage system on the A904 at Echline Corner were set to be carried out by the city council and Transport Scotland.

The works, which will see the carriageway reduced to a single lane, will also take place on Friday, July 13.