Fly-tipping lay for eight weeks in Bo’ness

SFLG Bo'ness flytipping
SFLG Bo'ness flytipping

Residents of Bo’ness were appalled to find waste strewn along the front after it was dumped illegally by thoughtless fly-tippers.

The collection of junk appeared to be growing as it lay for eight weeks despite residents complaining to Falkirk Council to have it removed.

Kathleen Sivas, who lives near to the site, said: “It’s been there for at least eight weeks and there have been several lots of fly-tipping. Initially it was garden refuse but there’s building material now as well.

“Because it’s been lying for so long, it’s strewn everywhere. People are just adding to it.

“It’s unsightly for anyone coming into Bo’ness.”

She reported it to the council more than once, and was told four weeks ago that there was a problem with the equipment used to collect this kind of waste.

Falkirk Council have now arranged to have the junk collected. A spokesperson said: “We have arranged to have this flytipping removed this week.

“We would like to remind everyone that fly-tipping is illegal and people can report it at”

The Scottish Government estimates that fly-tipping and litter dropping costs at least £53 million of public money each year and notes that the effects of the issue are a risk to public health.