Foodbank faces closure threat in funding crisis

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Residents are being urged to give generously as a foodbank faces the real threat of closure.

West Lothian Foodbank, who fed nearly 3500 people across the county last year, says it has funds left to cover the cost of keeping the facility open for two months.

Food stocks are healthy with the bank receiving 26 tonnes, but cash supplies are very low and £56,000 is needed each year for running costs.

Kathleen Neilly, the manager of the foodbank, said: “We are two months away from closure, three at the very best. What would happen to vulnerable people if we did not feed them?

“I think people just do not realise the costs involved in rent, van hire, wages and all the overheads.”

The foodbank aims to raise money through various events but a volunteer from Linlithgow has gone a step further and made a beautiful quilt which will go into a raffle.

Annette Murdoch (55), is a volunteer at the distribution centre in the town and says it took a year to make the doubled bed-sized quilt.

“I took up sewing as an outlet from the house with my three sons growing up. I hope we sell enough tickets to reflect the work and effort that has gone into making it.

“It’s great seeing it complete but it would give me more satisfaction to know it will be used and the money will benefit the foodbank.”

Raffle tickets priced £1. are on sale in Purely Patchwork and Wilson’s newsagents until the end of April.

To donate to the foodbank visit the website www.westlothian,