Former Queensferry pupil up for star award

Nour Trabousli is up for an SQA Star Award
Nour Trabousli is up for an SQA Star Award

Leaving her home in Gambia was a tough decision for Nour Traboulsi, but it appears to have paid off as she has been nominated for a Star Award.

Nour attended South Queensferry High School in 2013 after leaving her friends and family behind in a decision she says was very difficult.

“It was a real struggle and a tough decision to decide to come to Scotland,” she said.

However when she was 15 Nour chose to come to Queensferry to study.

She explained: “I did not want to waste time, so instead of waiting about I made my mind up fairly quickly and moved in with my friend and her mum in Queensferry.

“It was a struggle, with English being my third language, but back home in Gambia we use the British education system so I wasn’t behind with the teaching or learning.”
Nour states that the UK offered more resources for her but she will never forget the help her parents gave her while in Gambia.

She said: “My parents really assisted me, but there are more resources, more textbooks in the UK. Also, my teacher in Queensferry was a massive help.”

Nour is now in the running for School Candidate of the Year at the SQA Star Awards.

She said: “I was so shocked when I received an email saying I was in the final three for that category.

“I do enjoy studying quite a bit, so it felt like a lot of hard work had paid off.”

In her fifth year at Queensfeery High School, Nour achieved five A-grade Highers and in the following year three Advanced Higher As.

She is now studying pharmacy in Manchester University and is loving all the work on the course.

The award ceremony takes place in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on Friday, November 20, but sadly due to university Nour will not be able to attend the night to discover if she has won or not.

She added: “I am gutted that I will not be able to attend the awards night, but I would just like to thank my tutor teacher, Miss Lamb for nominating me for the prize.”