From our files...

From our files of March 28, 1913

WHILE a lad was returning on Sunday afternoon from a field to West Calder 
Station, to reload his cart with manure, he lost control of the horse, which bolted. In its career it dashed into the crossing gates, which it burst open. Here it was caught. A few moments before the lad had jumped from the cart, escaping unhurt.

AT Linlithgow Burgh Court on Monday - before Bailie Wardrop - a ploughman, residing at Little Ochiltree farm cottage, was charged with causing a horse and cart to stand unattended on a Linlithgow street for longer than was necessary for the 
purpose of loading and unloading goods.

From our files March 29, 1963

GRANGE School’s highly-popular Black and White Minstrels - the outstanding presentees at last year’s Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival - made their farewell concert appearance at Carriden Community Centre last Friday evening. And to prove just how talented and admired are this group, the attendance, a near-300 crowd, was a record for a concert in the hall.

FEW teenagers in Bo’ness this week will miss seeing Elvis Presley in the film “Kid Galahad” at the Hippodrome Cinema. And after drooling over their hero for a couple of hours, what better permanent way of keeping the film fresh in their memories than by treating themselves to the only extended-player from the film featuring all El’s six smash-hit songs?

From our files March 28, 2003

CHILDREN’S author Aileen Paterson held the first session in Kinneil Primary School’s newly refurbished library. 
Aileen, author of the popular “Maisie” series, last visited the Bo’ness school 13 years ago.

MEMBERS of the Linlithgow Skatepark Initiative will be asking young people for their views at a special meeting next week.

FAST internet services for the whole of Linlithgow could soon be introduced - if readers want it enough! That was the 
message issued this week by local businessman Ricky Kerr, of RGK UK Ltd, who has been pushing for BT Broadband for several months.