From our files

From our files of May 2, 1913

A LETTER was received by Linlithgow Parish School Board from the Secretary of the Scottish Education Department in reference to the recent examination in higher grade French, for which a blundered paper had been sent by the Government printers, stating that it is not proposed to subject the pupils to a fresh examination.

AT the Regent Factory, Linlithgow, belonging to Nobels Explosives Company, considerable difficulty has been experience in securing female labour. Many women are employed in the safety fuse departments but as the number needed for the job could not be secured within the town, the company has arranged to bring female workers from Winchburgh district.

From our files of May 3, 1963

STRONG complaints about vandalism were made at Tuesday’s meeting of Linlithgow Town Council when an appeal was made to the public to co-operate with the police and the council in their attempt to stop such damage.

A BO’NESS ratepayers’ get-together on Tuesday in the town hall seemed to be heading for the label “quiet” when Provost Buchanan, in his speech, surprised everyone with a sudden attack on men who stood as “Independents”. From then on the exchanges became much more interesting and his remarks were taken up objectively by former town councillors who, rightly, defended their ideas of standing outwith a party label.

From our files of May 2, 2003

NETWORK Rail announced this week it is set to invest a further £11 million for ongoing maintenance and refurbishment of the Forth Bridge. The 113-year-old structure has been the subject of much discussion recently since Fife MSP Helen Eadie called for it to be demolished due to ever-escalating costs of maintaining the bridge.

LINLITHGOW MP Tam Dalyell remained defiant in the face of disciplinary action by Labour Party chiefs over his reference to Tony Blair as a “war criminal”. And Mr Dalyell won the total support of his own constituency party over his stance. He declared: “I’ll only go when my constituents have had enough of me.”