From our postbag

Sir, - The outline plans for a two storey car park and Tesco extension at the Regent Centre (Gazette, 23 March) provide an excellent opportunity for the town.

This would bolster a town centre retail location and provide additional parking for visitors, to the overall benefit of the town centre.

It would also provide an opportunity to enhance the public realm and benefit the eastern end of the town, in contrast to the recent proposal for out-of-centre development at Burghmuir. Linlithgow Civic Trust is supportive of the principle of this development. - Yours etc.,

Iain Paton

Planning Spokesman

Linlithgow Civic Trust

Sir, - I have before me a very nice obituary in your newspaper about Miss McNair of South Street, Bo’ness, who died on August 19, 1886.

My direct ancestors came from Bo’ness (Agnes McNair Dick was my great grandmother) and I am wondering whether this Miss McNair is related?

Would it be possible that someone in the town knows her Christian name or anything about her?

Perhaps her name was Christina. She sounds like “one of us”.

Perhaps you would publish this question in your newspaper? - Yours etc.,

Barbara Lynch

901/7 River Street,

South Yarra, Australia

Evidence needed

Sir,– Alison Linton (letters, March 30) clearly believes that evidence is important in the debate regarding the Burghmuir development.

Where then, Ms Linton, is the evidence showing that users of the new M9 slips and the new supermarket will benefit the town centre?

Does Ms Linton really believe the developer’s own retail and educational impact assessments constitute a balanced picture of the likely consequences of this development?

I notice that Ms Linton chooses to skate over the fact that the developer has included no additional educational facilities in its plans.

Ms Linton states that there is “community support from the various sporting organisations”.

Where is the evidence of this?

Around 20 support emails (at the time of writing) on the council planning website, most seemingly quoting practically verbatim the same four-line email that has clearly done the rounds of some mailing list(s)?

Compare that with the 600-odd objection comments, many of them elaborate and many handwritten.

There are apparently hundreds more comments yet to be uploaded, and it is not difficult to guess which category the majority of these will fall into.

The current state of the GP surgery and a source of funding for a new building is not part of the Burghmuir debate.

But the relocation of the surgery to Burghmuir is, and there is plenty of evidence on the WLC website from elderly people and those without their own transport who would be massively inconvenienced by this location.

So, all in all, where is the evidence that Burghmuir is “a great opportunity for our town” and not just a great opportunity for Wallace Land? – Yours etc.,


Springfield Road