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Good Samaritan

Sir, - We are two older ladies who were marooned in Queensferry due to the spill on the Forth Road Bridge and the ensuing travel problems.

After waiting for some time for a bus back to Edinburgh, we decided to walk up the Loanill as someone said there were buses further back and we thought they might have been diverted.

We waited some time - by now getting rather cold as we had summer clothes on - and the weather had suddenly changed.

I asked a local resident to phone a taxi for us which she did but taxis couldn’t get through as the traffic was gridlocked.

A lady called Moira was delivering pizzas and we asked if she could run us to Dalmeny Station.

This lovely lady did just that and would not accept any payment.

I would really appreciate it if you could print our thanks to her. - Yours etc.,

Doreen and Margaret

by e-mail


Sir, – May I express again through your newspaper my disappointment in the Bo’ness Fair committee on the planned Fair route.

Years ago it used to turn about; the procession could easily go through Corbiehall and up Castlehill, then up to the park.

Or the crowning could be held at Kinneil House from where there is a straight road to Douglas Park.

Furthermore I would like to mention that the music the band plays is the same every year.

Lastly, the Fair is the right of the entire community to enjoy and this route bypasses the west side of Bo’ness where many elderly in the town are concentrated.

They unfairly miss out on viewing the Fair due to this route.

I think it is time for the Fair committee to play the game and rethink the Fair route. – Yours etc.,


Dean Road, Bo’ness

Cancer care group

Sir,– I am writing to ask readers to come along on Thursday, June 7, to the Scout Hall from 7-8.30pm to hear more about the South Queensferry Fundraising Group for Marie Curie Cancer Care, which is looking for new members.

The South Queensferry Group will promote fundraising within the community as well as supporting Marie Curie’s major fundraising campaigns such as the Great Daffodil Appeal and Blooming Great Tea. – Yours etc.,


Marie Curie Cancer Care,


Code breakers

Sir, – An excellent article by Drew McAdam on rogue cyclists. (Journal and Gazette, May 25).

My annoyance is with those who cycle on the pavement in the High Street and are most upset when one stops their progress and asks for their name and address.

The police do nothing and West Lothian Council is just as bad. When I asked it to put up notices in Linlithgow High Street “no cycling on pavement, fine £500”, I received the bland reply that this would be inappropriate clutter.

Let’s have a few large fines and this would sort out the problem. - Yours etc.,


Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Flower power

Sir,– I have discovered the beautifully upgraded Burgh Halls and often visit the gallery and the cafe. However, why does the outside not match the inside?

Please could the council consider a few well placed window boxes with flowers and some hanging baskets?

The side entrance does not attract visitors as often people are not aware of the lovely interior. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail