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A selection of letters to the editor received thsi week

Hot stuff

Sir, - I`ve just read some of the letters re the (Olympic) torch at Hopetoun.

I managed to get through and am really glad I went as I really wanted to see one of my ex-Explorer Scouts, John Beaton, carry the torch.

Initiative by an off duty police lady from Livingston Police Station (and with permission from her boss) and we were quickly escorted along the road to the estate.

I managed to get a chance to have a chat with John just before he headed off for his run and saw two torch bearers’ handovers.

Thanks to my colleagues, local police, Hopetoun House and Olympic convoy organisers I had a great afternoon. - Yours etc.,


by email

Thank you

Sir, - I would just like to say a big thank you to Hopetoun Estate for the wonderful event that they put on on Wednesday to welcome the Olympic flame on its journey to London.

The whole day was marvellous from the mini Olympics for the school children, to the horse drawn carriages, to the fire works.

My son John was very fortunate to be selected to be part of the adventure and coming from South Queensferry being so close to home was a very special experience for him.

Thank you also to everyone that made the long walk to join in his experience.

Knowing so many people in the crowds was extra special.

I am a very proud mum. - Yours etc.,


South Queensferry

Fine time

Sir, - I would agree with “name and address supplied” that drivers illegally parking on the pavement should be heavily fined (Journal and Gazette, June 15). Currently it is not against the law to park on pavements.

However, Joe Fitzpatrick MSP has tabled a member’s bill to outlaw pavement parking.

Reverting to the comment about cycling, it is not me who is “proposing” a £500 fine but this is the maximum penalty in the Highway Code.

Since the correspondence on this started I have seen six cyclists on the pavement in the High Street.

Compulsory training for cyclists, insurance and a means of identification are long overdue. - Yours etc.,


Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Pavement bikers

Sir, - Mr. Cross feels obliged to respond to my explanation why the less confident cyclists ride on the footpath in busy parts of the High Street. (Journal and Gazette, June 15).

It would be difficult to support his case with the use of rational argument that the less confident cyclist should push the bike. How will he or she become more confident?

Widespread illegal parking has the effect of encouraging cycling on footpaths. By implication, Mr. Cross appears to accept illegal parking by not campaigning to remove it.

Mr. Cross, your campaigning skills would be better employed in encouraging WLC to implement its parking management scheme than wanting to criminalise the wayward and less confident cyclist. - Yours etc.,


Linlithgow Cycle Action Group,

Manuel Stables, Linlithgow

OAPs’ thanks

Sir, – As secretary of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Pensioners’ Association, may I express the thanks of the members who took part along with many others in the train trip from Bo’ness Station on Saturday, June 16.

It is really very kind of the Rotary members to invite so many very grateful people and the catering was brilliant. Again thanks to Ian Wallace and his fellow members. – Yours etc.,



Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Pensioners Association

Top marks

Sir, – Congratulations have to go to everyone involved in the Children’s Theatre, Bo’ness production of the ‘Pop Magic’ concert last weekend.

I had the pleasure of seeing the show on Friday night. The two hours passed in a flash and left the audience wanting more.

Everyone in the cast performed their roles well with some outstanding solo contributions from singers and dancers.

The show covered 60 years of pop music which brought back happy memories to many in the audience.

The evening was full of colour and vivacity with a level of professionalism which is a credit to all the young people involved and their production team.

Another triumphal evening for Bo’ness. – Yours etc.,


Falkirk Council


Sir,– Despite the weather, I was overjoyed with the response to the over-30s Bo’ness Fair cup football tournament by the people of Bo’ness.

Once again I would like to thank everybody for their great support and community spirit in making this tournament grow from year to year.

A big thanks to all players, supporters and families, Fair committee members, those who helped behind the scenes, and sponsors, in particular a massive thanks to Caledonian Produce for stepping in at the last minute to provide the beer tent. This also proved invaluable in providing some much needed shelter.

As I said on the day, it would be great if we could get some young blood to help make the tournament grow from strength to strength. Programme winning numbers were 76, 127 and 257 - please call 01506 200569. – Yours etc.,


Organiser, Bo’ness Fairs Cup


Sir, – During excavation work in our garden, in preparation for a new greenhouse, we discovered a bee nest.

We contacted the council to be told “we don’t do bees”. A local company came out, dealt with and removed the nest and presented us with a bill for £96. What if we hadn’t had £96 up front?

Furthermore, our council criteria for disposal of the old greenhouse framework is a measurement of four feet and our measurement was short by two feet.

Our carer had to transport the framework by car. What do we pay our Council Tax for? – Yours etc.,