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Gala organisers’ thanks

Sir,– On behalf of the gala day committee, I would like to express our thanks to everyone who was involved on Saturday.

It’s always a big day for the town and we do our best to try and make it special for the children. It’s so important that people come out to cheer the procession and, despite the weather, there was a good crowd and for that we are very grateful.

The ‘Linlithgow’s Got Talent’ show had to be postponed until Monday which meant Ewen Cameron from Real Radio couldn’t attend to add a touch of celebrity to the event.

The children who performed were stars in their own right and a big thanks must go to them, the audience which came to support the children, and to the primary schools for supporting the show.

Your support is greatly appreciated and makes the hard work all worthwhile!– Yours etc.,



Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Children’s Gala Day

Not so glum ‘Les Mis’

Sir, – I would like to congratulate Bo’ness Academy for another brilliant show (Les Miserables).

I attended on Thursday of last week and the quality of the singing and the acting was second to none. Well done to the cast and all the organisers. – Yours etc.,



Another brilliant show

Sir, – Can I congratulate Bo’ness Academy once again for putting on a brilliant show.

I have been to many and they have all been excellent but I enjoyed this show so much I had tears in my eyes and I wasn’t the only one.

Well done to all pupils and staff for all the hard work. – Yours etc.,



Talented children

Sir, - I am in total agreement with Provost Pat Reid (talking point, June 22) and am also very impressed by the amount of talented children in Bo’ness.

I had a daughter performing in the Children’s Theatre (Bo’ness) production ‘‘Pop Magic’’ which all my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed as much as did the Provost.

And, last week, I was an emotional wreck after watching yet another mindblowing performance from the Bo’ness Academy pupils.

My other daughter attends Broadway Performing Arts at Bo’ness and this weekend saw some great talent coming from the town as well as from classes in Falkirk. – Yours etc.,


Forthview Crescent, Bo’ness

Plans not ‘right’

Sir, - In response to your article on Friday, June 15, regarding redevelopment of the Regent Centre, we wish to point out that the proposed car park would completely block the right of way onto Edinburgh Road.

This is contrary to details in the planning application which state that no public right of way or access is affected.

Existing users of the long stay car park should be aware it is highly likely they will incur a daily parking charge of £6.20.

The numbers quoted were inaccurate showing total “proposed” parking spaces and not the increase to parking spaces. The numbers in the actual planning application are also incorrect. Readers should also note these are the developer’s estimates as opposed to actual commitment.

It should be noted the developers have reduced their proposal by the minimum amount to avoid a public consultation. We think all residents of Linlithgow should be concerned when a private developer is trying to attract the minimum of public scrutiny. – Yours etc.,