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Stress of M.E.

Sir, - While many children (and hopefully some parents, too) are enjoying their summer holidays, there are tens of thousands more struggling to cope with the chronic, fluctuating condition M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

Looking after a child with M.E. is stressful for any parent, be it dealing with the demands of the illness, making sure their child still receives an education, or supporting other members of the family, including themselves.

Action for M.E.’s informative new booklet, Your Child and M.E., has been developed with advice from parents, healthcare professionals and the Association of Young People with M.E. Download a copy for free from or order one on 0117 927 9551.

Anyone caring for someone with M.E. can also join our Carers Forum at
forums. – Yours etc.,


Chief Executive,

Action for M.E.

3rd Floor, Canningford House

38 Victoria Street, Bristol

Bad planning?

Sir, - Why is it that every time there is an “event” at Hopetoun House there are road works on the A904?

This is obviously very bad planning by the authority, when common sense would indicate that such activity would cause serious hold-ups to legitimate traffic using that road.

The use of temporary traffic lights operated by untrained staff does nothing to help the situation. Especially as two sets are in operation half a mile apart with no co-ordination.

Another point is that I have not actually seen any sign of road works when I have been allowed to pass along that road on these occasions.

I really would like an explanation. Yours etc.,

R. Alder

81 Harbour Place

KY11 9GG

Fantastic response

Sir, - SCIAF would like to thank the people of Linlithgow for their fantastic response to the emergency appeal following last year’s drought in the Horn and East of Africa.

The drought was the worst to hit the region in 60 years and millions of people were affected after a succession of rains failed, leaving crops decimated and water sources dry.

The people of Linlithgow donated a staggering £4,352 which helped to save many lives.

Over 183,000 people received help from SCIAF, with the money being used for emergency cash payments, food and water for the most vulnerable and cash for work for the able-bodied to build up 
community resources like better wells.

Donations also went towards helping people to make a long term recovery through replacing lost livestock and distributing drought resistant seeds to poor farmers to increase their resilience in the future.

Members of the public are very welcome to visit SCIAF’s website to find out more – – or call us on 0141 354 5555. - Yours etc.,

Sarah Mooney


19 Park Circus,

Glasgow G3 6BE