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No cash crisis

Sir, – West Lothian Council is not facing a financial crisis though months of inaction by the Labour/Conservative administration, coupled with Labour’s ill thought out and uncosted election commitments, are jeopardising the council’s financial position.

We have faced this challenge for over three years and the SNP-led council’s “Tough Choices” consultation has put West Lothian Council in the strongest possible financial position to tackle the difficulties that lie in the years ahead.

We do not believe it is possible to have a genuine consultation which excludes the community, council staff and unions from having any real say on how services will be funded and the proposed budget 
reductions and service changes.

SNP councillors will continue to press the current administration to provide the full financial details we know are essential for a genuine consultation.

If you share this view I would urge you to make your voice heard before it is too late and Labour do succeed in creating their crisis. – Yours etc.,

Councillor Peter Johnston

Leader of the SNP Group

West Lothian Council

No comment?

Sir, – It appears that decisions are not too far off in the determination of the proposed development at Burghmuir, can someone in the planning department be persuaded to share the several hundred outstanding comments which have still to appear on the West Lothian council web site?

Many people took a lot of time and trouble to contribute to the debate and have a right to have their opinions available to all, not just those who have time to visit the council office. – Yours etc.,


by email

Cushy number

Sir, – Regarding your report that there were only nine fixed litter penalties in three months this year in Linlithgow - (September 14) - when the litter wardens are in Linlithgow they adjourn for lunch at the same time as the schools and only work from 9am to 5pm.

I have gone to our local Spar and counted the litter and multiplied by £60 and there is at least £2000 worth of fines going begging every weekend. Then look at the area outside pubs, which is littered with cigarette butts. Never mind £2000 more like £20,000.

The litter wardens should be put on shifts and watch outside pubs in the evening.

Dog owners prowl the streets at night so so should the litter wardens. Each warden costs over £30,000 a year. The last time I asked for information I was told that the wage bill was £492,000 and the fines collected from 157 offences were only £5150. Time to put these cushy jobs on performance related pay or get rid of them. –Yours etc.,


Springfield Road


Thank you

Sir,– We wish to thank everyone who supported our fundraising Trash for Cash event at Bield Sheltered Housing, 1 St Ninian’s Road, Linlithgow.

A big thank you also to the volunteers and all who donated their time to make our morning a success. We raised £420 towards our back garden project. Once again many thanks. –Yours etc.,



Memorial needed

Sir,– I was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Dougie Sneddon. It will be a heartbreaking loss to his wife and family and friends. It will also be a huge loss to the BUs.

I have spoken to several supporters and they agreethat some memorial to his work for the club be made.

One suggestion I would like to make is that the enclosure be named after Dougie. –Yours etc.,