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Strange allies?

Sir, – It seems incredible that West Lothian Chamber of Commerce should now have written to West Lothian Council in support of Wallace Land’s plans for Burghmuir following a meeting Chamber had with Wallace Land on September 10.

It also seems strange their letter of support contains no detailed reasoned argument in support apart from restating Wallace Land’s own claims.

It has always been obvious Wallace Land cannot guarantee delivery of any of the so called “benefits” to Linlithgow but merely want to make millions of pounds of profit from the act of obtaining planning permission and possibly leaving very few new local jobs and the eyesore of a part built building site blighting the entrance to Linlithgow for many generations to come.

Too many towns across Scotland are blighted by poor planning decisions made by ill-informed people but, fortunately, Linlithgow has escaped this fate by exceptionally well controlled and imaginative planning in the past. This must not now be changed by unachievable dreams.

I think, therefore, that West Lothian Chamber of Commerce owes the people of Linlithgow a detailed explanation of its belated move.

Furthermore, should the two West Lothian Council members (for Bathgate and for Fauldhouse and Breich Valley) now abstain from voting in the forthcoming West Lothian Council planning committee meeting on this unwanted application on the basis they are also board members of the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce? – Yours etc.,


by email

Cup for it!

Sir, – I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to my Macmillan coffee morning.

Everyone knows someone who has had or been affected by cancer.

I had never held a coffee morning before and I was anxious that I wouldn’t have enough seats, cups, cakes, etc. but I am pleased to say I had enough of everything but I had more than enough of something else and that was friends, family, colleagues and neighbours who all rallied round, baked and donated.

In this day and age of bad news, wars, doom and gloom, it was truly inspiring to see and I would also like to thank Oliphants for their kind donation and all the ladies from Jennifer Jeffrey’s Zumba class who donated also.

We raised the grand total of £262 for a very worthy cause. Thank you all, see you same time, same place, next year. –Yours etc.,


Stewart Avenue, Linlithgow

Van-tastic fun!

Sir, – I feel if Lorna Johnston (Journal and Gazette Talking Point, September 28) had used the Post Office van the other week she would have met warm and friendly girls out to help.

We had such laughs I could have kept the van for another week for the fun of it all. – Yours etc.,

Louie Laidlaw

Preston Road, Linlithgow


Sir, - On behalf of the runners who took part in the 20th Linlithgow 10K and Fun Run on Sunday, I would like to thank the many people who made it possible.

Firstly, thank you to the people of Linlithgow for their tremendous support on the route. Secondly, thank you to all the volunteer marshals who encouraged the runners.

However, the greatest praise must go to the hard-working and dedicated volunteers of Linlithgow Athletics Club.

I know they have been planning the revival of this event for months, voluntarily putting in long hours of their own time, their motivation being simply a love of their sport and to showcase Linlithgow.

Sincere thanks for successfully reinstating this fantastic event. Long may it continue! –Yours etc.,



Not ’Ferry nice!

Sir, – Despite its location, the voluntary efforts of many residents and the imaginative service provided by local businesses, Queensferry is degenerating into something of a visual tip.

It’s all very well tarting it up with window boxes and hanging baskets but this is just window dressing as the infrastructure crumbles.

The ‘quaint’ cobbled road which proclaims history, heritage and conservation has become a patchwork of infill and badly maintained setts.

Drab and decrepit communal waste bins rub shoulders with their cheery coloured commercial brothers, invariably overflowing to greet weekend visitors. Inadequate parking fails to serve the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

Cruise liners bring little or no benefit to Queensferry which suffers a downturn in trade every time one visits. The arrogant closure of half the promenade car park for the benefit of cruise liner passengers not only steers trade away from the Ferry but blocks incoming visitors which in turn takes money out of the tills of restaurants, cafes and pubs.

These same buses, joined by the other tourist buses sent to ogle the bridges, block the High Street on a regular basis much to the amusement of residents and the frustration of everyone else. It seems that City of Edinburgh Council has lost the plot when it comes to this little corner All they seem to offer to cope with the situation are restrictions rather than solutions.

And, still there is the desire for the Forth Rail Bridge to be granted World Heritage status. Maybe we should just wallow in the knowledge that it is anyway and not tell anybody about it for fear they will arrive in their thousands to add to the existing chaos.

And again. Hey! why is this place still a conservation area anyway? The Council doesn’t seem to care for it, leaving the residents with the high cost of conserving listed buildings as degeneration seems to be the order of the day from City Chambers. – Yours etc.,


East Terrace, South Queensferry