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Gala occasion

Gala occasion

Sir, – Bo’ness Amateur Swimming Club held its 16th annual mini meet on Sunday andwe would like to say a huge thank you to all the businesses who supported the event.

In addition to our main sponsor, Fourways Takeaway, Kirkliston, we are very grateful to Linlithgow Physiotherapy, Enjoy-a-ball, Robert Callander Optician, Wilson’s Newsagent, The Massage therapists, So Strawberry Caffe, West Lothian Golf Club, Grove Bedding, Far From the Madding Crowd, Inkspot and Silverleaf Booksellers, Absolutely Sweet, Dimensions Hairdresser, The Baby Box, Spoiled Rotten Childrenswear, The Town Bistro Bo’ness, Sweets and Things, Pebbles Jewellry, Burns the Butcher and Happy Feet.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers and helpers in particular to Ann Dwane, who has done a fantastic job as gala convener for the last two years.–Yours etc.,


On behalf of BASC

Think again

Sir, – I wish to express my support for David Bateman’s letter on the Wallace Land development in last week’s Journal and Gazette.

Whose wishes should be given most weight in such a development - the townsfolk of Linlithgow or an outside body?

Our High Street will become even more congested as the new householders travel to and from the facilities on the west side of town - the Leisure Centre, the rugby and football clubs, the Academy not only for its daily use as a school but also as a venue for community events, Stockbridge Retail Park for items unlikely to be stocked on the new site, four out of our five churches, the new Post Office, etc.

I do hope that West Lothian Chamber of Commerce who are also on West Lothian planning committee will have a change of heart.– Yours etc.,


by email


Sir, – It was very disappointing to note that a railway station at Winchburgh to service the new development is unlikely.

The traffic from the huge number of houses being built will create another parking problem for Linlithgow as well as further congestion in the High Street.

Is West Lothian Council going to learn a lesson from this and insist that the two way access to the motorway from the A803 is constructed before any other construction work is allowed to start. Failure to do so could mean another 200 vehicles, including heavy lorries, passing through the town every day, not to mention the gridlock which would occur if 600 houses plus businesses were built without the westbound access.

With the failure of Winchburgh to acquire a railway station perhaps it is time to consider moving the existing railway station out of town to the east where ample parking could be provided.–Yours etc.,


Friars Brae, Linlithgow

Historical note

Sir, - From your files for October 4, 1912, the wording suggests that Alexander Newlands & Son had just arrived in the town to establish an agricultural engineering works.

The founder of the firm came to Linlithgow in the 1870’s and started his business in Provost Road.

By 1890, his sons Alec and George had become partners and Alec remained in the driving seat until his retiral in 1946 at the age of 86.–Yours etc.,



by email

Many thanks

Sir, – I don’t know who you are as I didn’t get your nam, but I want to say a huge thank you to the kind lady who helped my son after he had fallen off his bike (and fractured his pelvis) last week.

He’s now on the road to recovery, and is back walking with the aid of crutches. Thanks again! – Yours etc.,


Clarendon Crescent, Linlithgow