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Vulgar display

Sir, – Thirty years ago, the UK was one of the most equal countries in the developed world. Today, it is one of the most unequal.

This is no more apparent than in the spectacle witnessed this week in Linlithgow where the town has effectively ground to a standstill to accommodate CHANEL, that global icon of little black dresses and fragrance making.

The build-up to this event has seen security guards posted around the Peel and Palace, roads blocked and a general feeling amongst local residents that this town has been invaded for the past few weeks.

At a time of recession and cuts and when those in receipt of benefits are being hit really hard, is this not a tad insensitive and, dare I say it, somewhat vulgar? – Yours etc.,


The Cross, Linlithgow

Lighten up

Sir, – It is great that CHANEL chose Linlithgow for its latest fashion show and it will hopefully boost the tourist trade to the town.

The cost of the show must have been obscene, however, to CHANEL it will just be another day at the office.

If Karl Lagerfeld happened to spot the Christmas lights and tree around the Cross and Linlithgow High Street, how nice it would be if he gave Linlithgow a donation towards improving the dismal display.

Linlithgow would then be able to say that our Christmas lights are the most fashionable in Scotland, if not the UK. – Yours etc.,


Baillielands, Linlithow

Eau dear!

Sir, – The circus has moved on, the ‘CHANEL celebrities’ have flown, the great and the good of the county have gone home from whence they came.

But perhaps they will take with them a lingering memory of a new brand of perfume, to remind them of their visit to Linlithgow.

I speak of course of our very own “ Eau de Lathallan”, that nasal delight eminating from the recovery plant outside the town. – Yours etc,

Jim Slavin


Shocking cemeteries

Sir, – I read the article in the Journal and Gazette (November 30) regarding the condition of Carriden Cemetery.

It is not only in the winter months that wellies have to be worn but sometimes through the summer also.

My mum and dad are buried at Dundas Cemetery next to Dean Road and, although we do not have the problem of drainage, there is the actual state of the cemetery itself.

The entrance is appalling and the person who lives in the gatehouse should be made tidy up.

The paths are full of potholes, there is vandalism and a general feeling of unkemptness.

Gone are the days when there was a caretaker and the cemetery was looked after. – Yours etc.,

Janet Malyn

by email

Remembrance thanks

Sir, – On behalf of the community council for Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge we would like to formally thank Poppy Scotland,The Linlithgow Reed Band, the Army Cadets, Air Force Cadets and officers, the Sea Scouts and their visitors from Fairmilehead, the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, the Scouts and Cub packs in the town, representatives from other organisations, members of the general public, including past and present members of the Armed Forces, and our local civic dignitaries for attending the annual service of remembrance parade on November 11.

We were thankful the Deacons court was able to again assist the community councillors with the stewarding of the event, in conjunction with Inspector Neil Whiteside and his team from F Division, Lothian and Borders Police.

We would like to pay special tribute to the ministers, elders and church office staff of St Michael’s Parish Kirk for the their assistance, and thank Rhonna and her team at Longcroft Hall for preparing William Holleran the butcher’s traditional refreshment. – Yours etc.,

Nicholas B. L. Davis


Star attraction

Sir, – Following last week’s story regarding the Star & Garter Hotel, it is great to see the work in progress.

Every time I enter the town from the east I get a ‘lift’ just seeing that the old building is being returned to its former glory.

When I think what might have happened and what sort of monstrosity may have been put in it’s place, it makes me very grateful to the businessmen who have taken this project on. I wish them well with the restoration and hope that the venture sees them well rewarded in the long term.

George Wilson

118 Springfield Road


Wife’s thanks

Sir, – My husband was knocked off his bike at Threemiletown on October 17.

He smashed into a car which pulled out in front of him and was incredibly lucky to escape with only a broken wrist and bruising.

I would like to say thank you very much to all the people who came to help him, covering him with a rug and phoning for an ambulance – Yours etc.,

Jo Smith

Kettilstoun Mains, Linlithgow