From our postbag


Slum on down

Sir, – Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council would like to congratulate all the young people and their supporters who took part in the Slum Survivor charity fund raising event last Friday and Saturday in the Vennel, even experiencing harsh weather conditions when trying to build their dwellings.

We understand from LLYPP that they have so far raised over £850 towards their target of £1000. This was a great effort to understand the needs of homeless people around the world.

We would also like to thank Truly Scrumptious and William Holleran and Sons in the Burgh, for their practical support which was eagerly devoured! – Yours etc.,



On the ball

Sir,– It was both an honour and a privilege to meet John McGovern at a book-signing at Inkwell & Silverleaf Booksellers last week.

After all, this was the man who captained a very unfancied Nottingham Forest to not one but two consecutive European Cups in 1979 and 1980, one of only eight teams in the history of the cup to achieve this feat.

A stalwart of four Brian Clough teams, not because he was a particularly great individual player, like say, Best, Law, Johnston etc, but because he could read a game better than anyone else in his day, and did so for so many, many years.

Even now it is still a mystery why this footballing genius was never capped for Scotland at top level, 
albeit he did gain a couple of under 23 caps some six years or so before his halcyon days with Nottingham Forest.

Nor, surprisingly, does he feature in the Hall of Fame at Hampden Park while lesser achievers do. – Yours etc.,




Sir, – I would like to ask through your paper what kind of discourteous and selfish people West Lothian Council have driving for them.

This morning (Tuesday, December 11) at 11.15am, my husband and I were driving up Carriden Brae while people were parking on the left to go to a funeral.

We were almost past the line of cars when a WLC lorry (number SN62 BCY) came down.

There was no-one behind him and one minute would have allowed us to pass. As it was he kept on coming.

When my husband got out and asked where he was supposed to go he was met with a blank stare.

We were then forced to reverse into the entrance to the cemetery while people were trying to get in.

Then we had to go all the way back down the Brae to allow this man to get into Carriden Industrial premises.

While I admit he was on the 
correct side of the road, a little bit of come and go would have been 
appreciated. – Yours etc.,



Sir, – I would like to congratulate the Linlithgow Academy pupils for their fabulous project on Chanel.

I hope they will be invited to take to the catwalk at the weekend in their creations when I understand that more visitors than usual are expected at the Palace?

I am sure I wouldn’t be the only one in the town to enjoy seeing them strutting their stuff and for us to have our own mini Chanel show on the very same site. – Yours etc.,

Janet Carswell

Jock’s Hill,Linlithgow