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Changed days

Sir, – When I was reading about Ballantines Iron Company in the Journal and Gazette, I thought about what we did 70 odd years ago.

My dad Charlie Grant worked there for almost all his working life. When he worked on a Saturday morning, my mum would make up his ‘piece’ and me and my friend Isabel Fleming walked along to the foundry with it. We either knocked at one of the windows on the main street or else just walked into the foundry.

We passed lots of metal from the moulding shop etc. and nobody ever stopped us.

What would Health and Safety think of that now? – Yours etc.

R. Grant


Smoke screen

Sir, – One couldn’t help but notice the full page in the Journal and Gazette (March 15) alerting readers to the effects of harmful emissions on their health and the environment.

People living in the Bo’ness area have to endure hours and hours of vehicle emissions throughout the year from idling diesel and steam engines.

A few Friday mornings ago, if you had been unfortunate enough to be out and about in the town, you would have been breathing in the fumes from the blue cloud which was hovering over the station and drifting towards the town centre.

This reader is seriously concerned about the long term health effects on the people of Bo’ness who already have other upwind and upstream emissions to contend with. – Yours etc.

Name and address


Epilepsy support

Sir, – Does your employer do a great job supporting staff with epilepsy?

Nominations closed this week for our Employer of the Year award.

You’ll be in good company if your workplace is short-listed for the VIP presentation ceremony with Cabinet Secretary for Health and Well-being, Alex Neil MSP, on April 25.

Enjoy our reward for all your good work. Award details on freephone 0808 800 2200 or: – Yours etc.,

Allana M Parker,

Epilepsy Scotland


Musical venture

Sir, – I am going to Kenya this summer to visit Johari Foundation and teach music to the children on their social development programmes.

I am going as a volunteer and I am trying to raise funds to cover some of my costs and to purchase musical instruments for the children.

To help raise funds for this project a prize bingo will be held next Tuesday, April 2, at 7.30pm in Scott’s Restaurant, Wood Street, Grangemouth (the former Rangers Club).

Tickets cost 50p and include a cup of tea and biscuit.

It would be great if as many people as possible can come along to this event to help raise funds.

Please reserve your tickets on 07834 903858. If anyone is able to donate a prize, this would be appreciated too. – Yours etc.,


Forth Bridges Accordion Band