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House that?

Sir, - I was shocked recently to see a large house being built on the Parkhead Holdings at the back of the loch.

This house is on the skyline overlooking the Palace and Peel. I know people have been trying to build on these fields for many years but up to now none have managed it.

Perhaps through your newspaper, someone from the planning department can tell the people of Linlithgow why building consent was given in such a sensitive area and could they also tell us if we can now expect to see a row of large villas stretching the length of the loch? – Yours etc.,



Linlithgow Bridge

Heavy heart

Sir, - It is with great sadness and heavy heart that I see the rape of my dear green space, fought for by our fathers in the 14-18 war.

Where you ask? Parkhead Holdings across the loch.

No longer a small white house with a red roof but a building site for a rich entrepreneur. Where next? – Yours etc.,



Piece of cake!

Sir, – I am writing to ask your readers to jump on the baking bandwagon and join in with the fantastic Blue Cross Tea Party, to help sick, injured and homeless pets across the country.

My cats Simba and Kovu are a real part of the family and we wouldn’t be without them, but not all pets are so lucky.

Every year, Blue Cross helps thousands of pets to have healthy lives in happy homes - from finding loving new families to providing vet treatment at one of its animal hospitals – funded entirely by donations.

We all love cake and we all love our pets, so what could be better than a tea party for your family and friends to raise money for pets in need?

It’s also the perfect excuse to try out my delicious baked cheesecake recipe, which is on the Blue Cross website along with lots of other great recipes. Every penny raised will help Blue Cross care for poorly and unwanted animals.

Just put the kettle on and sign up now at or phone 08444 993 663.

With very best wishes, – Yours etc.,


Hope for polio sufferers

Sir, – QVC presenter Julia Roberts’ decision to ‘come out’ as one of the thousands of people in Britain living with the effects of polio is a welcome move that will give hope to all those facing the daily struggle to live normal lives in the shadow of polio.

With the help of her parents, Julia was taught to swim and this exercise, plus dancing classes and self-belief, strengthened her leg muscles so she could walk without a calliper - a slight limp the only outward sign of a life touched by polio.

The British Polio Fellowship offers practical help, support and information not only to them, but to carers and health professionals too. We are also here to listen and can be contacted free on 0800 018 0506 by email at or visit – Yours etc.,


CEO, The British Polio Fellowship