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J and G memories

Sir, – My being of an older generation of Black Bitches, I recall a former editor (of the Journal and Gazette) Mr Willie Raity whose daughter was a famous opera singer.

The most outstanding reporter was the son of the minister of Craigmailen Church who had a prosthetic arm, who joined Reuters Agency, did the necessary army training and was the first war correspondent to land with the advance troops in France on D Day in World War II.

He also attended the first meeting of American-Russian troops towards the end of the said war.

He reported the death of Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi.

I do mention two reporters who did valuable service to the public, Bill Heeps and Vic Wood. - Yours etc,

William King

46 St Ninians Road, Linlithgow

Thanks to Reed Band

Sir, – If you were not at the Academy Theatre on Sunday night you missed a fantastic evening of varied entertainment.

The three bands have grown since last year, and their performances were brilliant. The soloists and young trophy winner deserved the applause they got and also the three conductors who obviously work very hard to produce such quality of music.

A great thank you to their 
president Mr J. Malloy who is obviously supported by a hard working committee.

Again, you missed a great evening, don’t miss it next year. Thanks to the Linlithgow Reed Band. – Yours, etc.

Sheila McGaw

48 Merker Terrace, Linlithgow

Are you aware of ME?

Sir, – May is ME Awareness Month and I know that many of your readers will know someone affected by the chronic, disabling condition ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

But just what does having ME 
actually mean? It’s certainly not just about being tired.

Joint and muscle pain, sensitivity to light and sound, ‘flu-like symptoms and digestive problems are just a few of the symptoms the 20,000 men, women and children in 
Scotland can experience, while 25 per cent of them are affected so 
severely that they are unable to leave the house.

For information and support about ME, visit our online ME 
Centre at

Sonya Chowdhury

Action for M.E.

272 Bath Street, Glasgow