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Sir, - Whilst I welcome the news that next year’s Forth Bridges Festival is going ahead and funding continues to come forward, I am afraid I must express my astonishment at the statement that “The council’s culture and leisure committee has pumped £50,000 into the project” (“Bridges Festival Cash Boost”, Journal and Gazette, May 31).

Would this be the same committee which has decided it can no longer afford to support the highly acclaimed Port Edgar sailing school which I understand requires a similar annual sum for it to remain open?

It is nothing short of scandalous that, for the sake of a relatively small sum, such a vibrant, popular and widely respected training facility is threatened with closure.

I think most people would agree that, far from withdrawing support for the sailing school, the authorities ought to be pumping the necessary investment into the facility in order to ensure its long-term viability.

This, I feel, would be a far better use of hard-pressed public funds rather than on a festival and celebration which I am certain will go ahead anyway, with or without this latest “cash boost”. – Yours etc.,


34 Springfield Terrace

South Queensferry

Sir, - I visited the local Health Centre and was not aware that it doubled for an opticians.

Despite notices requesting all mobile telephones are switched off, I was dismayed to see several people using their telephone.

Please respect these notices, your lack of respect for others may be interfering with equipment used for treatment of others. – Yours etc.,



Sir - The Marches Magazine is excellent.

However, they missed out on a recent event - the Bailielands Gymkhana.

This took place and was poorly attended due no doubt to the lack of advertising.

If this is to be contested next year perhaps the adherents could assist with the clear-up.

It’s too late for them to do it this year as I have already done it! – Yours etc.,


170 Bailielands