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Seafar Post Box
Seafar Post Box

Sir, – As procession convener I would like to add the following thanks in addition to the short statement published in last week’s newspaper.

Firstly, thank you to everyone involved in the float building for the months of design and construction which go into the creations we see on the Fair Day!

I would like to thank the local farmers and their drivers - Kirk of Bo’mains, Bobby Braes from Blackness, Alan Crawford and Jimmy Woods.

Every year without fail our local farmers supply their tractors and drivers on the day.

I would also thank Falkirk Council who also supply tractors and drivers as well as Galbraiths for providing storage facilities throughout the year.

Thank you to all my stewards, there would be no procession without you all giving up your time.

Finally, I would like to thank each of the bands who took part in the procession.

Our local bands and the out of town bands all have a heavy workload throughout the day and come up trumps every time!

Anne Pearson

Procession convener

Bo’ness Children’s Fair

Sir, – I was coming down over the canal bridge near the station and there was no car visible and I was more than half way over when a driver, instead of stopping, belligerently drove on to the bridge because “the sign said he had right of way”.

Needless to say I continued much to his annoyance.

It made me think however about the ever increasing volume of traffic due to the large number of houses 
already built and the prospect of even more if further planning permission is granted.

A quick solution would be to install “intelligent lights”, such as those installed under the canal viaduct on the Edinburgh Road which change to traffic requirements.

A longer term solution would be to make future housing developers pay the cost of a new wider bridge.

Clark Cross

138 Springfield Road


EH49 7JT