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Are Bo’ness traffic warden fears overstated?

Sir, – Referring to Councillor Adrian Mahoney’s comments in the Journal and Gazette of Friday, October 11,

regarding the possibility of the removal of traffic wardens from Bo’ness town centre.

How can he justify his remark: ‘‘This will cause major disruption in the town and disabled people and the elderly will

suffer most?’’

The town centre is never busy enough to cause major disruption. His choice of words is nothing more than councillor jargon. ‘A slight inconvenience’ would be more appropriate.

On most days the town centre is empty thanks to the cancellation of various redevelopment initiatives.

How much of the £49 million is being contributed by Falkirk Council which, according to Mr Mahoney, is being forced to make £35 million in savings over the next three years?

Indeed, there are cutbacks but £25 million of lottery funding could have been better spent on a town crying out for 
regeneration than on the Helix Project. How much of the £25 million is being wasted on a couple of horses’ heads?

Wake up Mr Mahoney, or you and your cohorts risk being left at the tail end of these horses at the next local

election. – Yours etc.,

D Freeman

by email

Sir, – The Journal and Gazette displayed somewhat hysterical headlines as regards Bo’ness on the possible loss of (traffic) wardens.

Wardens have for months now scarcely been seen and have not been missed.

Shopping has become more pleasurable, traffic continues to move smoothly and reports of the elderly being mown down have not appeared. Drivers continue to handle the situation sensibly and if, very occasionally, there is a bit of bad parking, it could be dealt with by the appearance of a constable on the streets.

Consider the saving to the council in employment and to motorist/shopper no longer risking a fine because of some traffic infringement and not least the traders finding more relaxed customers.

Let us leave things to the good sense of our local drivers. – Yours etc.,

Ian Lauder

by email