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Barnardo’s thanks to volunteer army

Sir, – I’d like to say a big ‘‘thank you’’ to the MSPs, MPs and local government officials who donated their time for Make a Difference Month.

We saw members and ministers signing up new recruits, selling stock and even offering opportunities to our young people to go and learn the ins and outs of political office. Make a Difference Month made a massive difference to us, so thank you to Neil Findlay MSP, Michael Connarty MP and Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop for all their help.

Barnardo’s Scotland’s local volunteers continue to make a huge difference to the charity’s work through their dedication. A special thank you goes to the volunteers already donating their time and to the members of the public who expressed interest in volunteering for us, during the campaign. Readers interested in volunteering can visit for details of local vacancies. – Yours etc.,



Barnardo’s Scotland

Sir, – I welcome Mr Farrington’s engagement in the debate regarding the early consultation for the Ferrymuir Gait development (Talking Point December 6, 2013). While it might appear that a small number of residents whose properties are directly bounded by the proposed development and associated access would be the most affected by the proposals, in fact, the streets and public spaces, are used by, and belong, to us all.

If we aspire to an inclusive, safe place in which to raise our children, sustain local businesses and high quality of existence into the future, then sometimes we need to see issues from a wider perspective.

This is undoubtedly Queensferry’s opportunity to influence this development to achieve our collective goals, including the enhanced Inchcolm Park which Mr Farrington espouses. While I empathise that change is often uncomfortable, change is almost certainly the only constant.

Let’s continue to have this discussion and look for better solutions to shape our 
whole community. – Yours etc.,


Inchcolm Terrace,

South Queensferry