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Breathing new life into Bo’ness Legion

Sir, – This year will be a special year for all the ex-service organisations including the Royal British Legion.

It will be 100 years on August 4 since war was declared between Great Britain and Germany and the Legion is hoping to organise several events to highlight this occasion, including a special event at Callendar House, Falkirk.

Most branches of the Royal British Legion have falling attendances, mainly due to the death of the older members, and in recent years several branches have fallen by the wayside. We in Bo’ness are now making a move to take the youth of the town to any services we hold.

Through family, members and the youth of the town, we are trying to re-instate a branch in Bo’ness but we need your support. – Yours etc.

John Bell,


Sir, – To commemorate the centenary of World War One this year, Veterans In Action will be embarking on one of its biggest challenges to date. Starting on April 28, we will begin a 4000-mile walk to be completed over 100 days.

The aim of WW1-100 is two-fold. Primarily, it is to raise awareness of the centenary of the start of the Great War and the sacrifices made by the three million British and Commonwealth service personnel who were killed or wounded in the service of their countries.

Secondly, it is to learn from the past and raise funds for those veterans who are currently suffering from the effects of war or who have found the transition to civilian life difficult.

If you need any information please contact us or visit our website – Yours etc.,

Garry Goldingay,

Team Leader VIA Midlands.

Sir, – I would like to thank the kind young men who helped my elderly father last week.

He was stuck at the bottom of Back Station Road with a flat battery in his mobility scooter when they gave him a push all the way home to Clarendon Mews. Through a combination of failing hearing and memory, my father was unable to identify the men but was extremely grateful to them anyway.

He did manage to grasp that they knew me.

So if they could let me know the next time they see me, I definitely owe them a pint. – Yours etc.

Andrew Peters,

Linlithgow .

Sir, – I was cross with my Lib Dem MP Mike Crockart when he seemed unlikely to support the campaign against the government’s gagging bill, which would curtail the rights of charities and other organisations to organise politically. So I’m delighted that he has now listened to me, and many others, defied his idiotic party policy and voted against it. Two cheers for democracy! Now we just have to convince him on nuclear disarmament, CO2 targets... etc etc! – Yours etc.,

Bruce Whitehead,

6 Hillwood Place,

South Queensferry.

Sir, – Your readers may well be aware that homelessness is on the rise across the UK, with a 31 per cent increase in rough sleeping over the last two years alone.

I’m writing to you about St Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day (today, Friday) when we’re asking people to support our work with homeless and vulnerable people.

St Mungo’s Woolly Hat Day is a fun way to show your support.

Schools, offices and community groups are supporting us, along with celebrity supporters.

Please get involved by hosting a hat-themed event, sponsoring someone to wear a hideous hat or pull on that old beanie for the day.

Find out more at You can also get involved by taking part in our celebrity auction, where you can bid for hats donated by stars including Elton John, Adam Ant, Chris Martin, Elvis Costello, Michael Buble and a deerstalker signed by Benedict Cumberbatch. – Yours etc.,

Tanya English,

Executive Director of Fundraising and Communications,

St Mungo’s.

Sir, – Wednesday, January 29, saw the British Polio Fellowship mark its 75th anniversary.

Our birthday is also a reminder that we still have a fight to see Post Polio Syndrome widely recognised as a medical reality.

This condition occurs in 80 per cent of people who have polio and is still being missed or mis-diagnosed – only government recognition will change perceptions. In 75 years we have achieved so much but we want to build on the progress we have made in improving the quality of life for those with polio and PPS.

Full details at or call Freephone 0800 018 0586. – Yours etc.,

Ted Hill,

British Polio