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Take time out to explore at Kinneil

Sir, – This weekend museums around the country are staging special events as part of the national Festival of 

The programme encourages us all to discover delights on our doorsteps - exploring the fantastic things we have on

offer in local museums.

Callendar House in Falkirk and Kinneil Museum in Bo’ness are taking part, alongside many others. I hope your readers will go along and support them.

As an added attraction, we’ll be opening up historic Kinneil House (next to Kinneil Museum) this Friday night (May 16). Since parts of the House don’t have electric lights, we’re only running tours for the first hour of our open evening - from 6pm to 7pm. If you want to see inside the big house, don’t be late!

The separate museum will be open until 9pm.

The Kinneil event will also close with a bat walk - and we’ll be giving away goodie bags (until they run out!)

For details on our event - and to get more info on the wider Festival of Museums - please visit – Yours etc.,

Stuart McMartin


Friends of Kinneil


Sir, – I was shocked to read in the Highland Show competition that you required an emal address before you could enter the competition.

I think that is most unfair as elderly people like myself are not into modern technology.

Surely a telephone number is all that is required.

I have already entered in spite of your rules. – Yours etc.,

Agnes Howat

Sir, – May I through your columns make a plea to those charities who put collection envelopes through my letter box?

Four separate charities have deposited envelopes in the past three weeks. On each occasion I have left the bag filled of mostly new articles outside on the due date between the appointed hours. Not once has the bag been collected.

Surely this is a waste of resources, a disrespect (of the time) of the person (presumably a volunteer) who deposits the bag, a missed opportunity for products to be available to the public, and ultimately a missed opportunity for the charity to earn some money. It also potentially reduces any regard in which the relevant charities may be held. – Yours etc.,

Andrew Hunter

39 Sylvan Grove


Sir, – Hot on the heels of our awareness week – Vocal About Viral – showing the impact viral meningitis can have on sufferers and their families, come three other weeks, all of which help to demonstrate the devastating after-effects of meningitis.

Action for Brain Injury Week runs from May 12 to 18. Meningitis and septicaemia can cause acquired brain injury – injury to the brain that happens after birth. .

Then, May 18-25 is National Epilepsy Week. A small but significant number of people who contract meningitis will be left with epilepsy.

Finally, it’s Deaf Awareness Week between May 19 and 25. Hearing loss is the most common after-effect of meningitis. Despite recent good news on a Meningitis B vaccine, this disease still wrecks lives every day. At Meningitis Now we’re determined to fight it on all levels – through funding vital vaccine research, raising awareness so people know the signs and symptoms and supporting those struggling with the effects of the disease. – Yours etc.,

Sue Davie

Chief Executive

Meningitis Now

Sir, – Whilst it is promising that employment levels are on the rise, we know the reality behind the figures is not all good news.

Along with the recent rise in zero hour contracts which offer no guaranteed minimum hours or pay, the job market is looking increasingly unstable, threatening the financial security of working families.

As a charity supporting people in financial need, we hear from thousands of people every day – many of whom are struggling.

Almost three-fifths of households in some form of employment told us their financial situation has worsened in the last year.

We are encouraging everyone to take a few minutes to check their eligibility for welfare benefits and tax credits using our free benefits calculator at

Claiming Working Tax Credit and other benefits can make a huge difference.

With a lack of stable employment, a fall in real wages and living costs continuing to rise, we hope we can help many more people access financial support. – Yours etc.,

Alison Taylor

Director, Turn2us

200 Shepherds Bush Road

London W6 7NL