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Sir, – I received a phone call last Thursday from a young journalist called Peter Ross, of ‘Scotland on Sunday’, asking if I would help in providing information about our Children’s Fair.

His intention is to write an article on not only the Fair but also on the Marches.

It was a request I immediately agreed to, for it is my belief that Bo’ness deserves all the publicity it can get.

It reminded me that we are in that season we call ‘Before the Fair’ - when local artists, painters, joiners, uncle Tom Cobley etc all plan together and produce the most marvellous and fascinating creations that become the wonderful house frontages and arches that have become quite famous throughout Central Scotland and indeed are the envy of many neighbouring towns.

It is also the time of year when our local primary schools compete for the Helen Ward-Birkby Memorial Trophy, when the senior pupils are invited to write an essay of 250-350 words telling the judges ‘What the Fair means to Bo’ness’. The, entries are normally of a very high standard and over the years the judges, including an input from “The Journal” have not found the final decision easy!

Peter Aitken’s book, “Wha’s Like Us!’’ is now in its second edition and is available at a number of outlets throughout the town.

The proceeds are in aid of Fair funds and it really is a worthwhile read of some 311 pages with many illuminating and interesting cameos of many local citizens past and present - some of whom might even be your next door neighbour! Peter’s contribution to the Fair funds over the years is quite considerable and must run into many thousands of pounds. So, it’s not only well done ‘Wha’s like us’ but well done Peter Aitken.

Roll on the Fair! – Yours etc.,

Douglas Snedden


Sir, – I write to record my surprise that the excellent performance of Blood Brothers by the Linlithgow Players was not reviewed in your newspaper.

The players put on a superb show delivering a most excellent play in a performance which kept the audience enthralled throughout the evening.

Individual performances by the lead characters were superb and the rest of the cast gave great backup to them. Sound and lighting were first rate and complemented a very well directed and produced show.

It really was a treat to find such a wonderful show on our doorstep.

Well done the players.

We look forward to your historical performances this summer and to the autumn plays. – Yours etc.,

Eric and Joyce Brown

Sir – I have been in foster care for nine years and have been lucky enough to stay with the same foster family.

I remember coming to the family like it was yesterday, it was a very scary experience. But Carol and Billy and their family never made me feel out of place, they all made me feel so welcome and made it feel like my home too.

I still have a good relationship with my mum, and my mum also has a good relationship with my foster carers as they made her part of the family too.

I didn’t get on well at school, but started in college to study hairdressing and have managed to get some amazing qualifications. There is no way I would have got them if it hadn’t been for my foster carers pushing me to try my best.

I wouldn’t change this family for the world, they are my family now and will always be part of my life.

There aren’t enough foster carers like Carol and Billy, though, for all the children who need them in Scotland. This Foster Care Fortnight I urge you to think if you could help someone like me, and please think about becoming a foster carer. - Yours etc.,

Shannen Marmara

c/o Fostering Network Scotland, Ingram House, 227 Ingram Street, Glasgow

Sir – West Lothian Mountaineering Club is holding a relaunch after changing its name from Westerinch Mountaineering Club.

We will be holding this on Saturday, May 31, from 9am at the Cotswold store in Livingston where there will be a 26hr walking challenge running alongside raffles and stands set up with all the clubs past and future plans on them.

With tea, coffee and biscuits for all, along with great chat and other things going on. We hope this will be a great day and hopefully get the club out there across West Lothian, getting more people out and enjoying the great outdoors of Scotland. - Yours etc.,

Fraser Brown


West Lothian Mountaineering Club