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Sir, – Having read your article regarding the BBCs (Big Brother Camera’s) in the Regent Car Park I’d like to ask Mr McCluskey if the cameras will be able to automatically send fines to the selfish lazy people who take a space up in the most misused part of the car park - namely the Disabled Parking bays!

I do hope the cameras will be able to register if a car is displaying a Blue Badge and despatch a fine to them regardless of how long they are there.

The fact that they are should be enough. – Yours etc.,

Carole J. Bathgate

Breahead Place


Sir, – That was an excellent update on the new Forth Crossing by John MacInnes (Bridge project moves forward, Journal and Gazette, May 30 edition). The only downside was the photo of Zhenhua 23, the ship bringing in the first of four shipments of steel decking.

More than 280,000 tonnes of foreign steel will be used in the construction.

It is inconceivable that steel was shipped (no doubt on price) from China when there are steel plants in the UK or indeed Europe.

This foreign steel problem is not new since every wind turbine in the UK, especially Scotland, was built by foreign developers, foreign manufacturers using foreign steel, mostly foreign labour and the profits going to foreign shareholders. – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross,

138 Springfield Road,


Sir, – It’s that time again and Marches fever has hit the town.

The first Tueday after the second Thursday in June is just about here with Deacons’ Nights, Marches dance, Round Table fete, etc.,

Can I wish Provost Jack Adair all the best in his last year as Provost of the Deacons Court. –Yours etc.,

An old and proud Black Bitch

Sir, – As we mark Volunteers Week (June 1-7), there is no better time for our unsung Scottish heroes to be recognised for their efforts.

Organisations, such as The Boys’ Brigade, rely heavily on the donation of time, skills and creativity, our volunteers give. They are crucial in our success in reaching out and making a difference to the lives of children and young people across Scotland.

These volunteers come from all walks of life and not one of them seeks reward; instead they go about their business quietly, continually performing an invaluable service for the benefit of future generations.

Currently The Boys’ Brigade has 4500 volunteers who help care for 20,000 young people across Scotland.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our volunteers who have supported us and enabled the organisation to grow over the past year, and there’s always room for more. I would urge anyone who would like to get involved to contact their local BB group as a moment of their time can make an incredible difference. – Yours etc.,

Bill Stevenson,

Director, Scotland,

The Boys’ Brigade

Carronvale House, Larbert

Sir, – As part of its ‘‘Our Best Friends’’ campaign - to end the use of cats and dogs in UK research – the BUAV is dedicating a week from June 2 to highlight the use of cats in laboratory research.

More than five million families in the UK share their home with one or more cats yet these much-loved animals still suffer in experiments in which their skulls are cut open to implant electrodes; their eyelids sliced open and clamped or they are deliberately deprived of light or vision by being raised in total darkness or by having their eyelids sewn shut. Much of the research is publicly funded.

Yet, the information gained from cat research has little direct application for human medicine because of the fundamental nature of the work and the substantial differences between our species.

Sophisticated, humane and human-relevant alternative techniques can be used instead.

Under the banner ‘‘Cats and dogs are our best friends – they don’t belong in laboratories’’, the BUAV is asking for the Government to end their use in experiments in the UK.

During Cat Week, the BUAV will be delivering a report to the Home Office, ‘‘What is happening to cats?’’ - a critical analysis of kitten and cat experiments carried out in the UK.

Members of the public canback the ‘‘Our Best Friends’’ campaign can sign the petition at – Yours etc.,

Michelle Thew,


British Abolition of Vivisection