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Fond memories of Fair Day

Sir, – Congratulations to all involved in the organisation and overseeing of the 2014 Bo’ness Fair Day and your editorial staff for the first class coverage of that outstandingly beautiful event.

My thanks to the kind ladies who ensured that I received a copy of that edition.

It is 61 years since I was last able to attend a Bo’ness Fair and 84 years since having to give up being a page boy because of a bout of pneumonia and measles but it is still a magical memory even as far away as New Zealand where I have been since emigrating in 1953.

Things have naturally evolved with time and really outstanding were the views of “the Fair Day arches” which in my day I clearly remember as being mainly of beautifully arched timber neatly trimmed with boxwood cuttings.

Well done Bo’ness and long may the Fair Day be celebrated with such wholesome goodwill.

It is with pride that I can show Kiwis what you can produce. – Yours etc.,


formerly of 39 Richmond Terrace and 23 Cadzow

Crescent, Bo’ness


Hang up on PC scam

Sir, – Re telephone scam warning in the Journal and Gazette dated \july 25, 2014.

I am still a very new computer user but I had one of these calls.

After a few instructions, which I though rather strange I had begun to smell a rat.

The caller said that the price would be £280 and that convinced me something was wrong so I hung up.

I had a dental appointment and while I was getting ready and going out the door the phone was still ringing. – Yours etc.,


St Ninian’s Way



A lasting legacy?

Sir, – The spectacle provided by London 2012 made for sporting history.

Now the Glasgow Commonwealth Games will create their own sporting legacy, reigniting the flame sparked by the Olympic and Paralympic Games almost two years ago.

This year’s Common-wealth Games has seen disabled and non-disabled athletes compete in events that run parallel to one another, making for a truly inclusive sporting atmosphere, a move welcomed by Paralympic icon Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

I work for the disability charity Vitalise - we provide essential respite breaks for people with disabilities and their carers, and like Tanni, we understand that a sense of inclusion is absolutely vital in enabling our guests to make the most of their experience.

While it is fantastic that athletes of all abilities are being given equal recognition for their talent and ambition, a survey we conducted on the first anniversary of London 2012 showed that this had yet to become a reality in the everyday lives of disabled people.

Despite hopes that the Games would change attitudes and lead to greater inclusion of people with disabilities in society, six out of 10 disabled people said that there has been no perceptible change to their lives one year on from the Games.

As the Commonwealth Games set out new hopes for achievement, Vitalise is calling on everyone to help us ensure that the capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities are not forgotten.

To find out more call 0303 303 0147 or visit



must act now

Sir, – It was tragic to hear of the horrible accident on the A801 road to Bathgate.

It is a dangerous road at any time with huge lorries thundering towards you. The danger has been highlighted in our local press many times over the years.

I noticed in the press our local MP saying how dangerous it is. He, and many other local politicians, have had years to address this yet done nothing.

No doubt the Scottish Parliament will say it’s London’s fault for lack of money for an upgrade and London will blame the Scottish Parliament. Maybe if politicians concentrated more on local issues and less time on this referendum it could save lives. – Yours etc.,

John Allardyce

Ercall Road, Brightons