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Shed some light on bridge dilemma!

Sir, – Several people have spoken to me about the bridge over the canal at Back Station Road.

I too have experienced problems here; when coming downhill it seems clear but a speeding car comes up and demands right-of-way as the road sign advises.

If several cars are involved then there is a lot of reversing and rude words.

Surely traffic lights are the solution so that everyone gets a turn?

Commuters park above the canal and it is “Hell on wheels” when they try to get back to the main road.

The “intelligent” traffic lights under the canal bridge at the east of Linlithgow are ideal; they change to suit traffic requirements and let the traffic flow.

With more and more cars using this road and more houses being built this would be an ideal solution.

I know that our councillors avidly read the Journal and Gazette so hope they can put the traffic lights wheels in motion. – Yours etc.,


Springfield Road,



Taking issue at both sides

Sir, – As Referendum Day gets even closer we Scots must take issue with the claims being made by both sides.

The ‘No’ campaign is promising that more powers will be devolved to Holyrood – the extent of this must be explained in full to Scottish voters before September 18.

In respect of Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP, we need to be told the truth about vital issues such as the banking system, currency, EU Membership, oil and gas revenues, defence and NATO.

I’m not satisfied by the rather condescending assurances from the SNP that everything will be okay on the day.

There will certainly be no chance to go back to the status quo if things go awry. Let us first examine, for example, oil revenues.

One might accept that they are still reasonably okay – but for how long? Far too much emphasis in the separatists’ case for leaving the UK is based on an oil/gas economy.

And, in reality, would an independent Scotland actually fall heir to all the oil and gas reserves remaining?

As I understand it, the right to exploit the resources in the seas surrounding the UK lies with the British Crown under the Continental Shelf Act 1964, in accordance with International Law.

Equitability rather than geography would be the guiding principle in court to decide on this matter and the case could drag on for a very long time.

And this is only one of the questions to which the voters of Scotland deserve answers.

Today’s assurances by Salmond and the SNP may never materialise!

Mr Salmond has been quoted on numerous occasions making reference to a fair share out of the assets in the event that Scotland breaks away from the UK. This argument works both ways! – Yours etc.,





Best ever Games

Sir, – We were very lucky to have so many talented sportsmen and women from West Lothian representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

I am equally pleased by the number of volunteers from West Lothian who were actively supporting the event and was delighted to meet a number of them personally.

We have many sporting greats from West Lothian and I have very much enjoyed 
watching our future sporting heroes compete and show off their talents. – Yours etc.,




Ditch the dirge!

Sir, –What price a national anthem for Scotland?

Clearly the impoverished nation predicted by Better Together could never afford to pay royalties for “Flower of Scotland” to The Corries (Music) Ltd which must be laughing all the way to the bank after its frequent outings at the Commonwealth Games.

Perhaps it’s time for Alex Salmond to announce “Scots Wha Hae” as Plan B?

In addition to having far superior words and tune to Roy Williamson’s kailyard dirge, it has been long out of copyright! – Yours etc.,

John Eoin Douglas,

Spey Terrace, Edinburgh.