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Not in front of the children please!

Sir, –We live in sad times and while watching and photographing the grand Ferry Fair Parade on Saturday, which was brilliant, there were some annoying points for me and others to possibly ponder on. The group Ferrie Scarie may have been playing for laughs but to wave a very realistic severed human leg about eight feet away from young and old was in my opinion, just bad taste.

I do not mind the ghost theme etc as Tam O’Shanter was and still is a favourite of mine but, come on, this is just not on for a family day out.

After reading their flyer, it gets worse with the words connected to the forthcoming Bridge Festival with their walk ‘featuring stories of many different kinds of crossings to the other side - whether to Fife or to Hell!’ Also ‘for all ages 7+’ and ending with the words ‘Those who dare cross to the other side! Those who don’t are curst!’ Come on please team, you are surely worth better than this. Their last line really topped it all with ‘we don’t do torture, but we are big on DEATH!’

This, only weeks on from one of the saddest days in South Queensferry.

I expect a big improvement in 2015 please. – Yours etc.,

Ian Slee

Hope Street



Agreement on lights

Sir, – In response to last week’s letter re proposed traffic lights at the canal bridge leading to Manse Road, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Cross’s proposal.

It is a nightmare approaching the bridge as you can meet so many aggressive drivers. Speaking to some of my neighbours, they prefer to use Preston Road rather than face a “stand off on the bridge”. Before a serious accident occurs please councillors get something done. – Yours etc.,

Beechwood Resident


Big name missing?

Sir, – Judging by the crowds I saw in Linlithgow High Street and all its pubs on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the parties at the Palace must have been great successes.

Lots of well-known and not-so-well-known Scottish bands.

But one obvious one was missing, especially on Sunday: Wet Wet Wet! – Yours etc.,

Ninian Fergus

12 Lennox Gardens,



Generosity thanked

Sir, – I would like to thank the following people for the very kind and generous gestures and time they gave for our Labrador Rescue Fundraiser: Susan and the team at Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes for the wonderful cake they donated to be raffled; Mrs Ella Morrison and Mrs Linda Russell for making the blankets and bandanas; The West Port Hotel; Mrs Carol McKillop and Mrs Clare Brown for their donations also.

These helped raise a fantastic amount of funds for us.

Although the event was not held in Linlithgow, Labrador Rescue have found many ‘Forever Homes’ here in the Burgh and the kindness in this instance just goes to show it. – Yours etc.,

Carole Bathgate

Braehead Place



Managing illness

Sir, –Heading off to university is exciting and sometimes a little daunting, not least for those new and returning students who live with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

Symptoms of M.E. include chronic pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties but with support some of those who are mildly or moderately affected are able to manage their energy levels so they can make the most of university.

This is where Action for M.E.’s online Student Hub comes in.

It offers advice, information and tips from other students with M.E., covering topics including symptoms and study, living away from home and financial support. Students – and their parents – can access this at – Yours etc.,

Sonya Chowdhury

Chief Executive

Action for M.E.