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Soccers starlets under threat?

Counter productive

Sir, – I was all for people giving money for charity but the bucket challenge is counter productive and I will think twice before handing money out again. Should the Journal and Gazette and the First Minister really be openly encouraging readers and constituents to waste gallons of fresh drinking water?

Ten buckets holds approximately 25 gallons of water. We are often asked to give to help water aid in other countries and only last year there were droughts in this country.

Maybe there should be a referendum vote: Give money to charity yes, waste water no. – Yours etc.,


Howieson Avenue,



Alex: misguided and plain wrong

Sir, – From the age of one week old I was raised in Linlithgow. My dad was the secretary of the Rose when they won their first trophy, my mother was born at Lochmill.

I was brought up in Braehead and went to the Academy, a year below Alex Salmond, who I know well.

My mum was in the same class as his mum. I now live in Stonehaven. I am a cousin of former Provost Jim Shanks

My pride at a local boy making good has given way to great trepidation at what he is leading us into. It is miguided and downright wrong. –Yours etc.,


by email.


Putting all our eggs in one basket

Sir, – Bo’ness Better Together refute claims by First Minister Alex Salmond on his visit to Bo’ness. (September 5).

The opportunities offered by independence are more likely to be opportunities for harm!

There is still uncertainty as to what currency we would use; experts say a currency union with the rest of the UK will not work.

The claim by the SNP that we would use the pound will not work as it will not have central bank backing, ie when the banks went bust a few years ago, The Bank of England stepped in and saved them and our savings. The EU may well insist on us joining the Euro as a condition of entry.

Either way, with the pound or the Euro, fundamental economic decisions would be made by others outside Scotland - the country’s future would not be in Scottish hands!

The dependence on oil would mean “all our eggs in one basket” as the price of oil is volatile.

This is risky – were this to happen, things we hold dear would be in peril! One day oil will run out. More powers are already on the way.

We can have more say in our own affairs yet still retain the insurance of the UK at our back.

We can have the best of both worlds by voting No! –Yours etc.,


by email.


An evening of good debate

Sir, – Thank you so much from Linlithgow Church Forum for your kindness in letting everyone know about the Referendum Hustings change of venue on Sunday night past! Only one got lost!!

It was a really good evening, everyone said, with around 300 attending – so well worth changing venues!

The panelists of Baroness Annabel Goldie MSP and Michael Connarty MP for the NO THANKS Campaign and Fiona Hyslop MSP and Patrick Harvie MSP for the YES PLEASE Campaign were all on top form and were very much appreciated by the public attending.

Thank you again for your kindnesses. – Yours etc.,

Linlithgow Church